We are 100% committed  and focused in being  a real contribution to the conservation of nature, specially those beautiful untouched spots, menaced by the actions of modern humans.

Our Commitment

We are part of 1% for the planet and we donate 1% of our sells to environmental initiatives
Travel following minimal impact guidelines (LNT).
Recommend our clients and guides to explore before every trip.
During our trips we collect any waste left behind by others.
We pass on environmental education tips and information to all the local suppliers that work with us, such as arrieros (cowboys), farmers, fishermen and local residents.
We recycle plastic, paper and glass.
100% of our office has Led technology.
We have reduce our carbon foot print

Alongside other companies that work in the area we are founders and active participants of Conservacion Cochamo, a non-profit organization devoted to de definitive protections of the untouched Cochamo Valley. The valley is currently under the threat of seven hydro-electrical projects that could make an irreversible and deep impact on the 15.5 miles of the Cochamo River, plus its tributaries La Junta and Valverde.

We believe and work for in developing sustainable tourism, by the creation of protected area open to everyone, were local operators, tourists, scientific scholars, educators , local people and nature coexist harmoniously, creating development and jobs for the next hundred years or more.

Miralejos is working to make Cochamó a protected area.